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Standard Pricing

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2,000 square feet or less..$310.00

2,001-3,000 square feet.....$375.00

3,001-4,000 square feet.....$460.00

4,001-5,000 Square Feet.....$537.00

Apartment style Condo*....$275.00

Add $70 for crawl spaces.

*For all other condos use square footage pricing above.  If your condo shares only one or two walls and has it's own roof, or is totally detached the pricing is the same as a standard home.  If you would like to omit a roof, attic, and exterior inspection you may let me know and use the "Apartment Style" condo pricing.

ATTENTION- Homes with multiple units such as for rental, or "in-laws" quarters are subject to an additional charges.

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